Just for one day, choose to immediately let go of every limiting thought. If you like the way things go, do it the next day too.
Ralph Marston

Solving Deadbeat Daddy and Mama Drama Problems - Dr. Umar Johnson

Dr. Umar Johnson gives some helpful advice to unmarried parents. This is a must watch and a must share!

Life is hard and it’s full of pain and what-not, but we take it cause there’s great stuff too. And we can do it cause we have friends - because we have each other.

Luke Shapiro

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Elizabeth Warren On Illegal Foreclosures. 

"You have made a decision to protect the banks but not to help the families who were illegally foreclosed on," Warren said. "Families get pennies on the dollar for being the victims of illegal activities."

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While borrowers strug gle to repay their debt, the federal government is making money on its student loan programs. This year, the federal government will make $34 billion on student loans. The government even makes money on its loans to low - income students – 36 cents , on average, for every student loan dollar it puts out.

Always believe in yourself! #motivation #success #belief

Always believe in yourself! #motivation #success #belief

Virtual Coffee | Binaural Beats + Isochronic Tones | Coffee Break

Want to experience the energetic properties of caffeine without having to ingest any? This audio is based on a method developed by Michael Triggs, who found that a slow binaural beat with a rising pitch can be used to induce a feeling of wakefulness. Added to the binaural beat is a 17hz isochronic tone to further enhance the effect. This begins in the sub frequencies and culminates at over 1000hz.

So how do you use this audio? Simply put on your headphones/earphones, find a comfortable volume (usually I recommend a low volume but in this case louder may be better…. experiment), and if you like, load up your favourite songs in another tab. Listen until the end to experience the full effect.

What worries you, masters you. Often times our worries are worse than reality. Focus your attention on the desired outcome.

What worries you, masters you. Often times our worries are worse than reality. Focus your attention on the desired outcome.

What were you called before 1492

1. What were we called before 1492?
Answer: The ’natural people’, who are the Founders of Civilization, and the Mothers and Fathers of the Human Family, were called Moors / Muurs / Mu / Maure / Maurus / More / Moorens / Moroccan / Al Moroccans, etc. These are some of the dialectical pronunciations, according to varied languages, such as, Moorish Latin, Middle English, Germanic, French, Greek, etc.

22. What is a Negro, Colored Man and Woman?
Answer: These names are ‘brands’ and ‘tags’ coined for ignominious social ‘status’ in society. They are political ‘Caste’ designations, and not national identities. Negro is an Anthropoid / Ape. ‘Colored’ is a legal term meaning, ‘Artifice, fake, covered up, artificial,and fraud’.

26. Who first started Religion and why is it needed today?
Answer: The Ancient Moabites founded the world’s first religion. The true etymological meaning of ‘Religion’ is ‘a study of the Stars, and the workings of Nature’ The masses of the world (miseducated by European conquerors) do not know of the original meaning of Religion. The power of knowledge has been preserved for the Elite Caste, Industrialists, and Rulers of Government. Another term for this Religious / Cosmo knowledge and Anthropological secrecy is called, Masonry.

27. What is the oldest religious so called Holy Book on This
Answer: It must be understood that so-called religious ‘Holy Books’ are all coded Astrology Texts. They are, for the most part, mathematical calculations of Human evolution, chronology and prophecy.

39. What is a Race, and are there 5 Races or just the Human Race?
Answer: There is but one ‘Race’ and that is the Human Race.